At Callington Self Storage we’re able to provide level and secure storage of larger items such as caravans and boats. All of our storage solutions have a fob key access system, ensuring that no matter where your items are stored, you’ll have safe and secure access 24/7.

Looking for external storage in Callington?

Level Standing

Our outdoor storage plots are completely level and firm, perfect for the safe storage of boats and caravans.


Our site is secured with CCTV television to ensure your outdoor storage plot is safe and monitored 24/7.

Fob Entry

We’re able to provide you with your own unique fob to enable access to your plot whenever you need. 

Secure Fencing

Our outside site is completely enclosed by secure Palisade fencing with tamper-proof lock gates.

Convenient Access

We have convenient move-in, move-out and accessibility on our site and we allow enough room for parking

Helpful Team

Should you require assistance with loading or unloading, our team will be more than happy to help